Tell us your Idea

We like fast - the same way the technology market moves. In the time it takes you to say "I've got a great idea", someone else has already started working on a similar project half the world away. Tell us about your idea, and we're sure we can take to the next level.


  • Online Shopping Store website(E-Commerce)
  • Company/Business website
  • Data Capturing website
  • Advertisement website
  • Personal(e.g. Artist for release and updates)website
  • Mobile Applications(android & IOS/apple)

  • App for Online Fast-food purchasing and delivery for restaurants/fast-food store.
  • App for Connecting,advertising and providing updates to clients/customers.
  • App for Data capturing from your clients.
  • Desktop Application Systems

  • Store tills/couter and management system with database development and solutions.
  • School Management system(data capturing,processing,updates)with database development and solutions.
  • Hospital Management system(data capturing,processing,updates)with database development and solutions.
  • Hotel and Lodges management system.
  • Business/company management system.
  • Maintenance & Support

  • From content updates to data management and from code restructuring to website performance optimization, we do it all as a part of our website maintenance and support services.
  • mobile app
    desktop applications
    web development
    maintenance & support
    Zamokuhle Doncabe

    Web developer

    Thandanani Fekethiso

    Web developer

    Nhlanhla Vilakazi

    Web developer

    Why Do I Need IT Support?

    As your business grows, so do your IT and Connectivity needs. At Westech, we’re committed to providing you with scalable IT Support solutions. Because we identify your unique business needs and environment, we’re able to provide onsite or offsite IT Support at a price that works for you. We’re here to make IT easy for you and your company, so you have time to focus on the important things like growing business and driving innovation.

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